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Established in 1973, Parenting and Childbirth is an organization that brings together parents, parents-to-be, as well as healthcare and other professionals who specialize in pregnancy, childbirth and infancy. Our mission is to ensure that pregnancy, childbirth and the early childhood years are both physically and psychologically satisfactory for parents as well as children.

Our aims are:

– To make sure that every woman gives birth feeling safe and secure
– To give free, knowledge-based and personal counselling.

Parenting and Childbirth is the only organization in Denmark devoted to helping and supporting breastfeeding mothers through networking, information and peer counseling. We educate breastfeeding peer counselors who are available by phone or on the internet in the daytime and early evening for personal, free and anonymous counseling. Counseling is available to members and non-members alike.

Parenting and Childbirth publishes 2 printed and 6 online newsletters annually. The newsletters are written mainly by parents themselves, and contain birth stories, debates about parenting topics, book reviews and breastfeeding information. They often feature articles by health care professionals or other experts and material that may be relevant or interesting to parents or parents-to-be. Many of these newsletters are special issues that focus in-depth on particular subjects, e.g., “Nursing Newborns,” “C-Sections,” “Preemies,” and “Giving Birth at Home.”

In Parenting and Childbirth we believe that parents need the support, knowledge and inspiration of other parents who have experienced problems or situations similar to their own. Our peer counselors cover more than 30 subjects, from serious medical problems like hemophilia or postnatal depression to childbirth, parenting or family issues such as homebirth, attachment parenting, or bilingualism. Peer counselors are always available to give advice or to just talk things through. All peer counselors have personal experience with their subjects.

To further assist parents seeking information about breastfeeding, parenting or medical problems, Parenting and Childbirth has published a series of brochures that are distributed to health care venues across the country or can be ordered by phone or online. Moreover, articles from our newsletter are available online, and back issues may be ordered as long as they are in stock.

Birthing pools and chairs and a variety of videos in Danish, Swedish and English can be rented or borrowed from Parenting and Childbirth.

Parenting and Childbirth represents parents and parents-to-be in political and policy making fora such as the Healthcare Committee of the Danish Folketing (Folketingets Sundhedsudvalg) and the National Health Service (Sundhedsstyrelsen). In response to the proposed guidelines concerning prenatal diagnostics we prepared a position paper for the National Health Service recommending among other things that more research be carried out with a view towards providing evidence-based care.

If you wish to be a member, to rent a birthing pool or to volounteer you are most welcome to contact us.

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